NextStage Investments is an impact -driven growth fund for healthcare technology with the goal to invest – subject to a market-rate financial return – in companies that help create a sustainable healthcare system or increase the health and enhance quality of life for the individual. NextStage Investments invests in innovative, technology-driven product or service companies with a disruptive contribution – not limited – to the Vitality of people, Independency of people, and/or Smart delivery of healthcare. NextStage Investments invests in technology-driven healthcare innovations in the ‘growth stage’ of the investee company’s cycle.

The Noaber Foundation and HVK Stevens initiated NextStage Investments in order to secure growth-financing opportunities for disruptive technology-driven innovations in the healthcare space. Noaber and HVK Stevens have undertaken collaborative efforts since HVK Stevens was first founded. As founders of NextStage Investments, Noaber and HVK Stevens will play complementary roles in supporting NextStage Investments. Both Noaber and HVK Stevens possess specific and extensive understanding of and experience with managing businesses, structuring companies, and effecting the overall implementation of initiatives in the healthcare sector.


The Noaber Foundation

The Noaber Foundation is a family foundation stimulating and financing initiatives with a societal impact. The focus is on healthcare and healthy ageing. Noaber acts both as a venture...

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HVK Stevens

HVK Stevens is an Amsterdam-based company that offers tax, legal, and consultancy advice to both domestic businesses and multinationals, high-net-worth individuals, charities, and other foundations...

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