Disruptive technology-driven healthcare product and service companies

NextStage invests in technology-driven innovative healthcare product and service companies with a disruptive contribution to:

  • Vitality: Innovations stimulating healthier lifestyles, prevention, healthy ageing, early intervention, and healthy workforces and thus decreasing the reliance on healthcare resources, for example using tools and incentive systems promoting a proactive model of health, tracking behavior and lifestyle, and encouraging people to interact.
  • Independency: Solutions allowing people access to information and to a wider choice of care and cure options, enabling a more human, personal and decentralized care, thus allowing people to stay at home longer, while receiving adequate care and staying connected with friends and family, for example through smart home automation, telemonitoring, interconnectivity with healthcare professionals, family and friends, and personalized care plans supported by technology.
  • Smart delivery of healthcare: Innovations improving the efficiency, quality, accuracy and accessibility of diagnostics, treatment, and care, thus enabling faster recovery, cutting down inefficiencies and mistakes, and personalizing treatments, for example through streamlining information flows, personalized diagnostics, cloud-powered medical records, data-driven treatment plans, and technology-driven smart healthcare delivery.