Jan Willem Baud

  • Former managing director at NPM Capital – private equity
  • Board positions in various international industries
  • Positions in different investment committees of growth funds in private equity

NextStage hired Jan Willem for his longstanding track record in private equity investments and for his affinity with ‘sustainable investments’. He spent 12 years as CEO of European private equity firm NPM Capital. During his time there, NPM invested a total of EUR 1.1 billion and obtained a ‘First Quartile Financial Performance’ (based on an independent study by Bain). He restructured NPM Capital’s portfolio from 180 minority holdings to 25 mainly majority participations in the midcap segment, and he introduced the concepts of ‘responsible investment’ and ‘circular economy’ into the NPM Capital investment strategy.

Jan Willem has held, and still holds, board positions at a wide variety of companies, including Bol.com, Van Oord, and Independer. Jan Willem is also a member of the board of Utrecht Science Park, and he plays an active role in the investment committee of the DOB Foundation.

He started his career at Shell, where he held several positions, worked as a corporate finance consultant, and subsequently fulfilled CEO positions at ASM Fico (Besi) and at Triple P (COO/CEO).

Jan Willem holds a Master's degree in economics from the University of Groningen and an MBA from Insead.