Think Tank

The Think Tank helps to source opportunities, support the implementation of relevant products where possible, and act as an advisor and sparring partner for the management of specific portfolio companies where required. The Think Tank consists of medical specialist representatives of the investing Medical Specialists Cooperations. Participants in the Think Tank reflects the wide range of disciplines across the healthcare sector, as well as different hospitals in the Netherlands and the Fund’s Limited Partners. As such, there is an advisory role for the Think Tank in multiple stages:

Opportunity Sourcing: The representatives of the medical specialists in the Think Tank are innovators who work in the profession. As such, they have an unparalleled understanding of the demands and requests from patients and healthcare workers. We believe that they can add value in identifying interesting opportunities (e.g., entrepreneurs in their network who lack scale or implementation capability but nonetheless have developed an interesting solution or service).

Implementation Assistance: Medical specialists – in part through their respective partnership boards – have a major influence on the products and services offered in hospitals, and indirectly on the products and services that are reimbursed by insurance companies. The feedback from indirect decision-makers (i.e., medical specialists) is therefore of paramount importance. At the same time, medical specialists who embrace the use of products or services from NextStage Investments portfolio companies will have a substantial impact on the overall implementation and success of these companies.

Advice for Portfolio Companies: Some portfolio companies might benefit from the operational expertise and experience that medical specialists possess. Brainstorming or sparring sessions could be very feasible. In some cases, medical specialists might even advise on the investment strategies of portfolio companies operating in their specific fields.